Are you looking for more than motivation? 


Frankie is ready to be much more than your cheerleader.   Begin a wonderful shift and cycle of progress with this step by step program… and get the ENTIRE YEAR for less than one hypnosis session.  Frankie does so much more than simply say “You can do it.”,  she explains to you HOW to do it!  


Learn HOW to create a positive shift in your life.  Change doesn’t happen only because we want it to, we have to know HOW. This 52 week series includes weekly actionable and specific ways to create positive change.  Each week you’ll receive access to a coaching video from Frankie as well as a PDF file to take and keep notes.  These can then be compiled to create an entire year worth of positive shift progress in one complete workbook.

Empower yourself – learn how to self-inspire – Become the best version of you!

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