Smoking Cessation

I do feel lighter after our session…This huge, black mist that has followed me for over 30 years, has been replaced by a serine golden light. I have a vision of me on the top of our hill, screaming. I am a non-smoker, I will never smoke again.


Weight Loss

My initial motivation factor for hypnosis was my weight. I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror to the point that I didn’t want to leave my house. I was so preoccupied with my weight and how unattractive I felt. I was afraid that my children and husband were ashamed to be seen with me. Yet, I still didn’t have the motivation to do anything about it.

During the initial interview with Frankie, she asked me “what do you want to accomplish with your session?” I was like, “sit back and take notes sista’, I hope you cleared the whole day!” I told her that I wanted the motivation to take control of my weight, and I wanted to be content with my body until I reached my goal. With a great big smile Frankie said “I am so excited that you are doing this for yourself!” She was as excited to get started on me as I was to be there.

During the session I remember listening to every word. I was getting more and more relaxed. So relaxed that I had saliva collecting in the back of my throat and was feeling too relaxed to swallow. I remember her telling me to imagine myself floating in a body of water, to focus on the stars in the sky, and to feel the movement of the water. I was listening to every word, but subconsciously I felt the need to kick in order to stay afloat. When I left her office I felt relaxed, rejuvenated, self-confident and ready to take on the world.

In the days that followed, I remember being very aware of everything I put in my mouth. I suddenly had the self-control to walk away from tempting foods. I suddenly had this motivation and DESIRE to exercise. I was content with my body. The first week I lost 3 pounds. It has been a month, I’m ready for another session. I’ve now lost 8 pounds. My body hasn’t changed that much. My outlook on the other hand has. I know my weight is temporary. I feel like I have control of my weight, it’s not controlling me.


I would like to take an opportunity to let everyone know what Serenity Hypnosis (Frankie) has done for me. She gave me my life back.

I was very anxious about being hypnotized by Frankie, after hearing so many people talk about their wonderful success.

When I walked into her office, I immediately had the sense of calmness that has not been present in my life, before even being hypnotized. She is a very personable person who genuinely cares for others, and with that caring, gentle and soothing compassion she has for others, there is no doubt about the feeling you have, knowing she is concerned with your wellness, and will do what she can to achieve that.

I have been battling a food addiction for many years. I am an emotional eater. Sugar is my downfall. We discussed this and the things that are bothering me before she hypnotized me. She spent the time to find out what was behind this, instead of just trying to do a quick fix. She then hypnotized me, and what felt like 5 minutes was quickly turned into 45 minutes and I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders. I can honestly say that I had no need or want for sugar, and quickly realized that I had control of my life. I was truly amazed and wanted everyone to share in my excitement. I dropped 25 pounds within 3 weeks, and totally felt like I could never do this on my own.

Frankie has a beautiful soul, and truly cares about her clients. She is not there to tell you she can fix everything, but it is her passion about what she does that makes it a very rewarding experience.

I would recommend Serenity Hypnosis to everyone. Life gets you down from time to time and if you have issues to deal with, they are best suited in Frankie’s hands.

Thank you Frankie, for your passion and caring for what you do and how you can help others. You are definitely an asset to my life.


“The only way I can describe it is a warm fuzzy feeling.  You just feel so relaxed and excited about life.”

Stress Reduction

Frankie has been wonderful! Everytime I go there we have a great conversation about my goals and what I want hypnosis to do for me. She is very easy to talk to and makes you feel very comfortable. I can tell her about things that are very personal that I want to address in my session and I have confidence knowing that she will find just the right words and phrases that will bring the changes I am looking for. I feel so good after every session! I wish I could go every day.


I started going to Frankie for stress management to learn to relax. It was so successful I went back for improving my eating habits. I have never done hypnotherapy and this has been a wonderful experience. I now treat myself by going every month.



AWESOME RESULTS! As someone that has had experience in being hypnotized before, I chose to have a few sessions with Frankie. My goal was to be able to focus on memorization techniques to be able to pass a D.O.T. maintenance qualification for a major shipping company. The sessions that we did had a major impact on my success! I passed my test with total confidence and ease! For that I thank you Frankie! For those of you that have never been hypnotized, it is exactly as described on this site, I highly recommend Frankie personally, she knows what she is doing and the results as I have stated, are indeed positive! The power of the mind is truly amazing! Everyone has this ability, it's just a matter of “unlocking the ability” Give it a shot, it's well worth the money, and its not miracle working here, it's just plain ol concentration! For me, it was worth the money for a long time to come! I will be a return customer for future issues that I would like to focus on! Thanks Frankie!



Since I had not been to a hypnotist before I was not sure what to expect. It was very restful and refreshing and not at all what I expected. I plan on going back.


Experience far exceeded my expectations. Frankie is professional and accomplished yet connects to her clients in an intuitive and empathetic way that is very profound. Anyone from any walk of life can benefit from Frankie’s services. We all need a better understanding of ourselves and how our behavior relates to our reality.


Frankie did a great job first explaining what was going to happen, asking appropriate questions, setting exceptions and most of all, helping me with the reason I came. I would recommend her to anyone.


I enjoyed the experience and heard a lot of truth in what was said. I have seen some improvement in thought process but results are coming slow. I am glad I did it however!



Frankie was kind, thoughtful, easy to talk to, and mostly, very helpful with dealing with my weight loss issues. I will definitely recommend her to anyone!


Frankie is very open and very genuine. she put you at ease and explains everything in detail and give you a greater sense of relaxation before you embark on this journey. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet with her and experience her services