Rev Danielle Morningstar

Nature Tokens

Rev. Danielle Morningstar is a harmonic healing practioner, transformation coach and intuitive artist in

La Cygne KS.

Knowing there was more "out there" and with an interest in all things metaphysical, Danielle joined a paranormal investigation team where she soon found herself sensing and communicating with the spirits she was investigating, without any of the paranormal equipment she’d been trained to use. These experiences kicked off Danielle’s spiritual awakening.

On a quest for answers and an intense urge to help heal herself and other, she soon found herself learning various healing modalities such as Healing Touch, Reiki Seichim and becoming a Quantum Light coach. It wasn't long into this journey that she also found herself with a strange new ability. The ability to channel light language from the higher dimensions. What seemed very strange at first, something she would apologize for if it sounded "too weird," has become what she now considers to be an incredible and powerful gift that she uses in energy healing practice, sound meditations and artwork.

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