Frankie Elder Hypnosis
Frankie teaches strategies to help her clients:
  • Increase and close sales

  • Improve rapport with customers and/or co-workers

  • Increase productivity

  • Achieve goals

  • Better health

  • Improve memory

  • Build confidence

  • Reduce Stress

  • Weight Control

  • Eliminate negative habits

Frankie Elder Hypnosis
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Frankie Elder CHT

Certified Hypnotherapist

   When I am asked how I became a hypnotist and business coach I can choose either the long or short response. The short answer is that I feel like I’ve been doing this my whole life. It’s just who I am. The longer version is more of a story about the man who has been the most positive influence in my life, my dad.

   As a young child story telling, well... story listening, was a way of life for my sister and I. My dad, Grady, was a phenomenal story teller and his masterful delivery would captivate me every time, even if it was the hundredth time. His stories were colorful and bold, and as I listened I felt as though I was immersed in his experience. Therefore, the lessons within his stories influenced my behavior, molded my sense of humor, and eventually became my moral compass. He mostly shared his own life experiences (or versions of) in which he was capable of evoking emotions one would never expect. He could do the same with the occasional fable and so I grew to love them as well. Aesop’s Fables quickly became my favorite. I remember admiring the clarity of truth that could be discovered from listening to a simple and entertaining story. I didn’t know until much later in life that IS hypnosis.


   While in high school I choose dream interpretation as a topic for an independent study project. From that study I was immersed into the mysterious and fascinating world of the subconscious mind. Fables and dreams, both of which are stories containing lessons became equally intriguing and the possibilities seemed endless. My pursuit of understanding and utilizing the subconscious mind is insatiable. My entire life I have been mesmerized (pun intended) by the power of story telling and the subconscious mind’s ability to shift due to a change of perspective.


   The scope of Grady’s influence went far beyond simple story telling. He was a high school art teacher and wrestling coach as well as an entrepreneur. Throughout my childhood and into adulthood he and my mother owned several businesses and invested in multiple properties. Watching entrepreneurship unfold from the mind of a creative was exciting and my dad made it look inspiring, natural and fun. His wheels were constantly turning. He would jot down notes everywhere and sketch pictures and diagrams as he attempted to capture his dreams. He would brainstorm aloud, ask for feedback, problem solve and innovate every chance he got. It was infectious. It was beautiful.


   Grady was also incredibly gifted at making everyone he encountered feel special and supported. His love is far reaching having connected with thousands of kids throughout his professional career. It was evident that he had a goal of making the world a better place and he did just that in ways that to this day remain a mystery to me. Years after his retirement students and athletes he coached continue to express how much he meant to them. “Your dad is the only reason I went to school.” and “When I encounter a problem in my life I ask myself, What would Grady say?”


   In 2007 we lost my dad very suddenly and unexpectedly. While he is no longer here to share his wisdom, there will never be a day that his presence is absent or his vision unexplored. I seek to continue his quest. While business coaching is a different approach the goal remains the same, to simply make the world a better place and make every person I encounter feel special and supported. It’s a legacy worth continuing and an honor to preserve. If I can make a fraction of the difference he made I will have done something truly incredible.